European Union Conducting Masterclass aims to give the students the opportunity to work in deep on the pieces they want to rehearse and perform. Thus, the choice of the piece is up to the students who are asked to propose the pieces they want to conduct.

The only limit is the instrumentation, which must not exceed the following:

3 flutes (one playing also piccolo)

2 oboes

2 clarinets

2 bassoons (contra-bassoon optional)

3 trumpets

4 horns

3 trombones


2 percussionists


harp (pieces that can be reasonably performed with only 1 harp can be chosen)




Pieces that include soloists and choir, like concertos and cantatas, can be proposed and performed as well. The organization of the masterclass can provide the required musicians and the cost will be defined according to the musicians available. The participants can also bring their own soloists/choir to perform for them, in this case, the participants have to take care of the expenses.